• Fri 2019.12.05

    ref #22 'Make sure you have a ample power and filter capacitance'

    Hi Damian, it sounds like you are at a conference and need info quickly? Forgive me @allObjects as I'm not intentionally stepping on your toes butting in to your conversation, Damian, the image of the 47uFd cap appears to be what is implied. Not seeing a 0.1 or 0.01 ceramic for filtering though.

    To confirm, we are now working with a new Pixl and not the Badge? The Arduino shield?

    If so, was a new regulator used to power the 8266. See post #19 heading 'However'

    I've not played with the ESP01 but isn't there a hardware watchdog that needs feeding? Could that be resetting? More likely the Pixl regulator shutting down. It's likely the Nodeconf badge had a beefier regulator, while the Pixl is 150ma.