• You measured the power on the 3.3V wire between PixleJs and ES8266? ...and PixlJs works fine standalone?

    If so, the ESP8266 - known as resource hog at some points in live events - just crashed the power supply... even though it is said that PixlJs voltage regulator can handle the extra load of the ESP8266 on 3.3 rail when powered by USB. Make sure you have a ample power and filter capacitance as close as possible to the ESP8266. You may get away with a capacitor soldered onto the ESP8266. What Is the power source you are using? What else runs on the 3.3V rail driven by PixlJs' (voltage regulator)?

    Take look at this post #16 in conversation about Breadboard friendly PICO - which also features breadboard friendly ESP8266 ESP-01 module and how to power latter.


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