• @Gordon, backers got so angry that they visited the local distribution, attacked the people there and had to be reprimanded by legal means and law enforcement. It is the typical example of what success can produce: total loss... (there is plenty of other examples, just from kickstarter).

    Luckily, in the case of Pine 64, it did not end completely this way... today there seems to exist a tight knitted and excited community that enjoys the products produced and available, and the community is 'friendly and open' willing to live with all the setbacks, delays and other challenges that come with open, 'bleeding' edge of hackable hight tech gadgets, as cheap as possible, and a lot of individual contributions... https://www.pine64.org/

    Reading the history of Raspberry Pi, it could have ended with it the same way... but it did not... thanks to warm bodies that kept pushing forward the torch with great passion and personal effort.


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