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  • Wow, that's a huge article!

    Regardless of what the commenters in that Make article might say, seeing that actually makes me really excited about what Bangle.js adds.

    Just grab the $20 watch, build a simple SWD cradle

    Now I'm guessing here, but I don't see any screws on the watch so I can only assume that the non-developer versions are glued shut. I wonder how developer friendly it'll end up being unless you're pretty hardcore...

    Also, just look at the raw power of compiled Rust driving the graphics on that LCD:­6Fg

    That's obviously early code but I think Bangle.js will have significantly better graphics performance. It's the same LCD, but connected via an 8 bit parallel bus rather than SPI (which is limited to 8Mhz on nRF52832). I originally started making Espruino using a watch like that, but even with all kinds of crazy hacks (12 bit color, DMA) I just couldn't get decent graphics performance.


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