• Hey @Gordon as @robin the mirroring was taken care of.

    Robin you're right: the soldering is a botch job. But It looks alright to me. I can go over it again so they look more like the connections to the Pixl.js (which I hope you agree are fine) but could this really be the issue.

    QUESTION: I put my multi meter and connect to what should be the ESP8266 Ground and Vcc and when the Pixl.js is on I measure 0.5 volts. AM I USING MY MULTIMETER RIGHT? Is the pixl.js maybe not sending the right voltage?

    @Gordon THAT was kind of the question I had for you. Should it be working. Not the mirror thing. I ordered a ESP8266 and Badge specifically because of that video because I saw a million possibility in this beauty of a board.

    I'm trying to figure out. Did I kill the Pixl.js (it seems to be working perfectly.
    Did I kill the ESP8266 (1 hour of struggling to move the pins, maybe I removed all the connections from the pads to the board)

    Those are the questions I'm looking to answer.

    also of course the "What did I do wrong?" one