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  • Hi! Yes, you're right :)

    Will there be a standard file set, for example with gestures from kickstarter video ?

    Yes - there's currently an app on called 'Gesture Test' that contains some default files.

    How could we create our own gestures, for example drawing an horizontal/vertical circle in the air?

    There's some info on this here:­odeconfeu2019/blob/master/

    Basically Nearform did a 'Google Colab' which is like an interactive Python file + document that walks you through the process.

    Will we have something like a gesture library, so we could create special sets of gestures for an app ?

    That was my hope eventually- mainly to have a way of getting lots of gestures from different people to train the AI. Right now there are only gestures from two people in there and it makes the AI pretty unreliable.


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