• Hi @DamianMontero,

    Sorry, but it looks like you may have fallen foul of out of date documentation on the net that I don't have control of :(



    On Nodeconf.eu badges, due to a slight mirroring accident, a normal ESP8266 module has to be attached to the FRONT of the badge, slightly covering the display .... This is fixed on badges produced after Nodeconf 2018

    Basically it was a mistake on the original board design, which I then fixed. I'll update the video and put a big note on the store page.

    What I'd suggest is that you sacrifice the ESP8266 module and cut the pins in half, which should then make it easier to get them out of the badge without damaging it - and then it should be way easier to insert a new ESP8266 as you can just poke it straight into the holes without messing with the pins.


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