• Sun 2019.12.01

    Hi @DamianMontero, quite an interesting upgrade.

    Has the code block at https://nodeconfeubadge.org/ been attempted, and what is the WebIDE output? (which console.log() statements are viewable?) Please post.

    What version of Espruino is flashed? process.env

    Never mind process.env. I now spot 2v04 in the lower image

    While soldering may take a bit of a knack to get the hang of, I do notice that there are three pins where solder doesn't appear to flow on to the circuit board pads. Round blobs usually indicate that the pin did not get sufficient heat in order for the solder to flow. Is the solder rosin core? What dia solder? What wattage is the iron. A narrow enough tip? It appears to me that the solder doesn't have internal rosin/flux to properly allow the solder to flow, or sufficient (max one second contact though) heat. (not shiny)

    The first fifteen seconds of this video (not mine) does show proper technique and how solder should flow.


    Embarrassing as it may seem, pics of the tools, iron tip and solder may provide some clues. Don't fuss, we've all had to start somewhere, and I still remember my first attempts fifty years ago working on my Electronics merit badge. ;-)
    ( remember Heathkit's @allObjects? Using my dad's hand-me-down VOM Heathkit circa ~1970 )

    While we aren't at the re-solder point just yet, it is an area to consider. I'd run some code first to validate if comm has been established with the 8266 first/easiest.