• Yes, I reckon you could get something in there... There's a plastic 'chassis' that comes out, and it takes up quite a bit of space, It'd be trivial to grind a bit out or 3D print a new one without the padding. Or worst case you could replace the battery with a smaller one.

    In terms of IO, there are no 'free' pins brought out, but the piezo speaker isn't that great, and it's connected right to a GPIO pin via a wire that's easily accessible on the back of the watch. Something like a 433MHz transmitter that only needs one IO pin would be super easy to add to that.

    Switched power is also available (less easily, but not that hard) on the heart rate monitor PCB, so you'd be laughing.

  • For those of us who missed on the beta and are waiting for March -- and with a bunch of existing defunct Pebble smartwatch faces aching to be ported -- what would be a good representative development/test setup for Bangle.js? Ideally, an emulator or simulator, of sorts.


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