• Yep, that's the GPS antenna. However it is just the antenna - the chip itself is on the main board (it's a UBlox M8).

    What is "VT100 Terminal support on LCD"?

    It's what Pixl.js has - basically the REPL can be put on the LCD, which means that if your program has some error when you're not connected via Bluetooth you have a fighting chance of knowing something is wrong and maybe even finding out what it is (if it's not scrolling too fast ;).

    more backers from Germany than from the US?

    Espruino just seems really popular with Germans - also I know someone from Heise.de that wrote an article, and I think Bangle.js hasn't really been featured in any big US publications yet.

    In previous KickStarters (and in general really) Germany is basically the biggest buyer of Espruino stuff apart from the US.


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