• Hello everybody,
    Based on this tutorial REYAX RYLR896/406/895/405 LoRa modules I connected an Espruino WiFi and Espruino Pixl.js with two Lora RYLR896 (see attached photos).

    By the way, the line:

    var RYLR = require('RYLR.js');

    must be

    var RYLR = require('RYLR');

    So I had an issue with lora in the Pixl.js, but when I removed the VDD pin from D9 and put it on 3.3v everything worked perfectly fine and the 2 Espruino devices are transmitting and receiving data. now my problem is, when I connect the Espruino WiFi to a 5v power supply instead of the PC USB, it powered on and connects to the wifi but the lora doesn't send or receive data, once I plug it in on any PC it works fine.

    This issue is only with the Espruino WiFi because when I connect the Pixl.js to the same 5v power supply everything works fine as long as the Espruino WiFi is powered from the PC.

    Help will be appreciated.

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