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  • With Espruino you get the event drivenness all the way thru. There is no main loop like in Arduino (checking flags in your app, flags that can be set by events or other loop participants).

    If you have it running in browser, there is great chance to get it relatively easy and quickly working in/on any BLE supporting Espruino environment/board. I did the opposite already several times: develop on Espruino boards, but for speeding up and logic testing, I setup a cross development environment in browser / html5. Things unavailable in browser, I'm 'shimming' / 'backfilling'... see conversation about Modular and extensible UI framework and ui elements.. In most recent version - not published/updated on that conversation - I even implement typical Espruino hardware dependent items, such as setWatch(). (I'm attaching current version - in transitional work / not all things work yet again - which includes major updates, last but not least in favor of resourcefulness and increased portability - .../uixdev/uiExample.html?example=all and .../uixdev/uiExample.html?example=allPix­l work, allPixl needs to be initialized with onInit button click). For details how to use attached zip see conversation mentioned above.

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