• 'The goal is to do the data collection at 833 Hz for hours'

    Would you point to a page within the datasheet, that suggests using that frequency or range of frequencies for your use. When I read over, my interpretation of how to request data was a bit different.

    How are the gyro, or accelerometer used? It might be that your requirement is different than I envision.

    Are you picking up the device from a stationary position and expecting the Espruino device to respond to that input?

    p. 35 of datasheet
    Are we in 'continuous' mode?

    Is so, the FIFO buffer is probably filling up before each data item is removed from the buffer and the device is cramming in bytes until errors in output are seen. Could this be a possibility?

    How often do you actually need the data, the device outputs? It seems that it is desired in the msec range, but my interpretation is that reading those values should be in the many tens of msec range, say every half second or so.

  • I just tried setInterval(extraction,150);
    but it is only outputting one correct data set this time.

    8539 -645 -18294 -256 126 4104 -668 4262111 0.02233409881
    11 15 15 229 225 227 -669 3328 0.02214241027
    11 11 19 229 227 223 -653 4864 0.02214145660

    Oh sorry, on page 57/114 FIFO ODR can be 833Hz frequency range from 12.5 to 6.6kHz. so we choose 833Hz because it is a nice frequency for the algorithm that we are developing for processing the data


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