• Wed 2019.11.06

    'Is bitwise deletion possible?'

    My take on it was only an erase, set to a 1 is part of the endurance value. Writing a zero to clear the bit, even using a byte-write didn't count.

    'The datasheet for 24C32 states 1,000,000 write cycles endurance'

    I read that too and wondered if anyone could clear up my understanding of a write cycle. I took it to mean an individual bit for each cycle, but could it mean a full page write is just one write cycle?

    The web has many conflicting interpretations of how this specification tid-bit should be understood
    ( re-reading the .pdf to see if I am able to uncover that mystery )

    If the latter is the case, then for:

    fr #6 'Also writing can be reduced to something like: once every N minutes or K kilometers'

    wouldn't just performing a page write (erase all then write once) be the least destructive and best compromise?

    EDIT: (getting close)



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