• Hi @allObjects, thanks for your extensive reply.
    Actually what you wrote would be my fallback solution in case the intended one was not possible.

    The question was: Could a write done without an erase? Meaning: only turning off single bits one by one, because that's what my car odometer internally does.

    Starting with a huge bitfield like FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF (whatever size + redundant copies) after N kilometers one bit is deleted: FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FE, after another N the next bit: FF FF FF FF FF FF FE FE (and the same on the redundant copy or copies).
    The exact algorithm is not yet known to me and maybe there are cases when parts are actually erased and re-written again, but it seems that clearing only single bits step by step reduces wear.
    This is somewhat confirmed in this discussion here: https://www.microchip.com/forums/m550855­.aspx

    And it was the reason for my question.


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