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  • @Robin What am I missing here? I have provided what I thought was everything you asked for, as well as steps to reproduce, in the order to reproduce them, as well as the code being used... the results... the lack of ability to read any information in a reader
    app... I also clearly stated that the once encountered error was no longer occurring in my very first sentence of #14.

    If I’m misreading your response as I’ve somehow offended you - I’ll be the first to apologize!

  • Sat 2019.11.02

    'I have provided what I thought was everything you asked for'

    I re-read the posts starting with the #8 original inquiry. The requests are there in plain sight. It is quite possible @Tesseract-Developer that I over estimated the troubleshooting skill level using the environment within the WebIDE. Tackling a local module usually isn't a first step introduction. Maybe too much detail was missed going between posts, perhaps?

    As Gordon pointed out in #26 for the next week next no time is available and for the two weeks following that, will be super busy, so his ability to apply 'nitty-gritty' debugging will be virtually non-existent. While we wait, how well are you able to debug? One course of action could be to cut-n-paste the individual module functions into your own code, and wrap those with try/catch statements or use the WebIDE debugger.

    The response to test in post #26 further suggests the hunch I had still stands.

    We still need more information to narrow down where to look. If what I suspect isn't the case, we may be at the step #29 request. If taking a peek reveals what I suspect, then we may need one or more additional steps. In either case, any onlooker will require this detail to avoid back-n-forth requests for the additional detail. I'm prepared to avail myself this weekend to get the basics out of the way.

    As I pointed out in #22 I'm now at a dis-advantage without a device to test, so I'll be relying on the feedback provided me, and what I discovered last week.

    I also inquired about:

    ref: #10 #11 #13 #15 ' I attempted to simply change the "NFCvCard" to "NFCTag" '
    'Could this now be bad information perhaps?'

    I was looking for your explanation here. To me it seems the text string are reversed, based on the code snippet provided in #29.

    Lets start with answering that so we are all on the same page, and we'll just handle one item at a time to eliminate possible confusion along the way.