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  • I am purposely holding off on my testing results until I have that needed detail

    I think perhaps you are fixating on that point. As I said in #14, really it comes down to not being able to see or read any of the values that the replication steps listed are supposed to produce.

  • Tue 2019.10.29

    'really it comes down to not being able to see or read any of the values'

    Yes, exactly @Tesseract-Developer. Several of us have been able to load the modules which do not produce the errors claimed. One setup I tried did produced something similar. From the exhaustive work by @AntiCat furnish a solution which provided instructions, the code source, a sample data dump and a demonstration video to boot.

    Many of us provide our time freely to assist fledgling end users gratis, thereby boosting the community knowledge base. Building on the success of those that have paved the way will shave off valuable development time for the novice.

    I asked three times for detail in order to assist, but the response is akin to asking me to solve your Rubik's cube while handcuffed, and without being able to see the cube!

    May I suggest the several troubleshooting links at:

    See:  Writing an effective forum post

    I wish you all the success in your endeavour. . . .


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