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  • Fri 2019.10.25

    re: 'Maybe there is some solution for I2C level shifting?'

    I posted a few links near page top used on other projects a while back:­330713/#comment14615115

    What value is being used for the pull-up resistor?

    @calebbrewer would you mind posting a simple table of the I2C Espruino >> LCD pinout please. (if different than example in tutorial page)

    or the code supporting the definition of I2C1. Have a hunch that I2C is not set up properly as seen by Espruino. (the position of the caret in L12 and L11 leaving L14 error as 'lcd' may never be created)

    Posting all the code would help us immensely. . . .

    What is the result of entering 'lcd' in Left-Hand console side of WebIDE after the above error? Would you please post, or is the value 'undefined' as my hunch should confirm?


    what is the output for each of the I2C pins?


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