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  • I feel like I am really missing something here. I have a 1602 display with an ic2 backpack. I am connecting it to a MDBT42Q Breakout, and using this doc:

    I have tried different pins. I have also added pull up resistors from vcc (5v) to scl and sda

    Here is the error I get. ...

    >Uncaught InternalError: I2C Write Error 33281
     at line 2 col 13
    in function "a" called from line 1 col 7
    in function "h" called from line 2 col 15
    in function "connectI2C" called from line 2 col 45
    var lcd = require("HD44780").connectI2C(I2C1);
    Uncaught Error: Cannot read property 'print' of undefined
     at line 3 col 4
    lcd.print("Hello World!");
  • The MDBT42Q is a 3.3V device, so it's possible that you won't be able to communicate with the 5V LCD.
    Maybe there is some solution for I2C level shifting?


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