• @Dett,

    There is only the SSD1606 driver in the Espruino library at http://www.espruino.com/modules with driver at http://www.espruino.com/modules/SSD1306.­js

    Initially I wanted to ask you the following questions, but after looking for the driver, you can skip them (only number 5 and somewhat 7 are of some relevance).

    1. are you using the Espruino Web IDE in Chrome browser for code development?
    2. are you coding in the right-side pane - the code editor (the other side is the REPL console)?
    3. are you internet connected while you upload the code (hit the upload button)?
    4. do you see your upload to have completed (prompt shows in console)?
    5. when do you get the error message: a) while uploading?- or - b) after completed upload?
    6. is there any other error before the error you mention?
    7. lastly: what a bout a type on ...require("SSD1608");... ?

    @TomWS ' very first line states:

    I've made a new e-Paper Display driver (cloned from SSD1606 driver) that works with newer e-Paper displays that support partial update.

    Espruino has a local sandbox in which you can create your own modules... and that is what @TomWS did. He made copy of the SSD1606.js with name SSD1608.js and stored it there.

    To get started with the display, just use the SSD1606 module. It just works fine... https://www.espruino.com/SSD1606 . The driver code at http://www.espruino.com/modules/SSD1306.­js shows you in the comment also other configurations for other ePaper displays.

    If you want to use @TomWS' functionality, you may need to ask him for his clone! ...ask him to publish it here or as pull request to update the publicly available module library... (Since it is a actually a SSD1306 oriented driver, I'd have call it something like SSD1306X, for extended... or a like).


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