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  • Ahh - yes, you're right - that's just because the console is still using it.

    You just need to move it out the way. Easiest is to use LoopbackA (which loops back output to LoopbackB).


    • LoopbackA.setConsole() moves the console out the way until you next reconnect
    • LoopbackA.setConsole(true) moves the console out the way permanently - so if you save to flash then you will no longer be able to program the Puck until you follow the steps for hard reset.

    Just be sure to do that as either the last thing you upload, or on some other input. (eg buttonpress or delay) - because once the console has moved anything after will get ignored.

    You can just do Bluetooth.setConsole() to move the console back, so you could have that happen on buttonpress (or sending some specific data) to allow the IDE to reconnect.


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