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  • Hi @Robin, in order to get this working "as-is", I ended up having to use the NFCvCard.js as a local module per post #1 above.

    I'm still unable to do any reading, but the code is the same as well:

    var tag = require("NFCvCard").create("BEGIN:VCARD\­n"+
                                         "FN:John Doe\n"+
                                         "TEL;WORK;VOICE:(111) 555-1212\n"+

    Also using the same NFC Reader app as post #1.

  • ' in order to get this working "as-is" '

    So, I presume the original code module from post #1 is working then?

    ' I attempted to simply change the "NFCvCard" to "NFCTag" '

    Is the module 'NFCTag.js' also used locally, and physically there as implied in post #12 ?
    Is L1 of post #12 where the text within 'require' is changed to 'NFCTag'?

    If so, is the suggestion that the errors as shown in post #10 do occur, by only inserting the single statement as shown in post #12 verbatim, and no other statements acting on var 'tag'? (e.g. other code currently in memory  or  not all the code is posted)

    I also note from the heading 'Example' using link from post #9

    that the first six bytes must use six initializer bytes as described in the table shown there. The 'human readable' form as indicated in post #10 doesn't appear to follow that example.

    'with the NFC vCard in more human readable format'

    I see in file 'NFCvCard.js' function 'publish()' that line(s) ex: this._record.set(data, C.HEADER.length); creates a payload based on the data passed and the header constant 'C' so those initialization bytes are included there.


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