• Hi all,

    I am fairly new to javascript and Espruino.

    I just started to implement the SPI, but the code does not seem to recognize my SPI. write function. I think it was because some header files were missing, but I am not sure what and how to include them.

    Except for the SPI, I am having some trouble finding these function's library

    function to convert decimal to binary
    fopen,fclose -- (file open, file write, file close)

    Thank you very much for your time

  • Sat 2019.10.19

    Hi @user101931,

    Is the WebIDE right-hand editor panel being used to it's full potential?

    Make sure the following is *UN-checked*

    WebIDE >> Settings >> General >> Disable Code Hints

    When viewing code in that panel when code hinting is enabled, any syntax issue will display a red circle with an 'X' in it. Rollover to gain additional insight.

    After all code lines syntax check, the use of the debugger; keyword inside functions will allow for additional run-time detail.


    It would help us enormously in the future if code snippets could be entered here using the ``` back tick delimiter (Shft ~ ) or highlighting and pressing the < / > code button just to the left of the 'Preview' button in the menu of this edit window.

    var d = new Date();
    var start = d.getTime();

    This will enable us to block copy and test that code snippet!


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