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  • Are you trying to get XY coordinates using it as a mouse, or using it to look at something further away?

    Have you tried the pinhole camera approach?

    I have, yes - you get enough to see a wide black line (think masking tape), but it's not great. The issue is the sensor itself is tiny, so the smallest pinhole you could make is already a significant proportion of the sensor size, making stuff quite blurry.

    I haven't tried other lenses...

    Does this negate the need for a lens?

    If you're buying a mouse then it'll be complete with the lens and sensor and everything it needs to focus on the area the mouse is pointing at.

    Do you have any example model numbers I can look into?

    Just go to eBay and look up ps2 mouse - as long as you get one with the round PS2 connector on (and not USB) you should be safe.

    PS2 is basically just GND, 5V, data + clock - so it's easy enough to decode.


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