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  • Small update: I think solved the pin naming issue.
    Created alternate pin names like it's done with the NodeMCU pins. For example you P1.09 can be accessed as P1.p09. I think better than doing all the math to add 9 and 32 :)

    Or does anyone have a better idea for pin naming? P1.09 sort-of worked, but the autocomplete reported all kinds of weird ascii characters as properties. Espruino doesn't like properties starting with numbers, so decided to go with p as 'pin' prefix...

    @tcpipchip did you solve your pin naming problem?

  • Only mapped the pins available on the Nordic Dongle. For example P0.03 is not accessible on it. Attached the spreadsheet I used to create the pin maps.

    But yes, I can map the rest of the pins, wanted to do that for the DK as that as all pins routed.


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