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  • @Robin I'm pretty sure that's the older badge.

    @DBovey yes, absolutely. It is all published already -­8/tree/master/sch is what you need I believe. There's a link on the Pixl.js multicolour page but it's not very obvious - I'll make sure I tweak that.

    JS's callbacks/promises can definitely take a while to get to grips with if you're coming from something like C, but it's worth it. They're really powerful when you're there.

    The badge sounds like a fun project though - please let us know how you get on!

    PS. I'm afraid I don't think there are enough posts specific to the multicolour badge to warrant adding a new forum for them yet - there'd only be about 3 posts in there! If you have any questions the Pixl.js forum (as you have used) is definitely the right place.


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