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  • 'Do you know if I even need C19 and C21'

    I'm not an antenna expert, but I believe this might be a tuned circuit requiring both the inductive (implied resistive) and capacitive parts to function, otherwise, why would the manufacturer place those in their documentation image if they weren't in fact needed?

    They were probably left unlabeled, such that *any* antenna with the appropriate parts could be connected.

    Just checked the NFC Pixl arrangement and the schematic shows TBD­d/blob/master/Pixl.js/pdf/pixljs_sch.pdf­

    Maybe contact Taoglas direct as the Mouser link didn't seem to provide the necessary detail either.

    Just found this related pdf on a Google search: (what capacitor is needed for an NFC antenna)

    Hunch correct p5: 'they form a parallel resonant LC tank'   caps in picofarad range

    nRF52832 NFC Antenna Tuning


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