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  • Ok, I think you're after two things that are incompatible (I could be wrong though :).

    Basically when you access a pin in Espruino, Espruino gets the hardware pin number and port from gen/jspininfo.c.

    Normally, without PIN_NAMES_DIRECT, you can have a bunch of different name/number pins that access the same port. So E0 could map to pin number 32, eg. E0 -> P1.0.

    But since you want to skip pins out as well, you use PIN_NAMES_DIRECT, which uses the pin number supplied in the pinInfo file, so a pin number 32 must always stay 32.

    The other thing you could do is mess around with jshardware.c to make it look at the port bit of pinInfo, but I think that's pretty nasty and would require a bunch of changes.


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