• ----- 2019-09-24 Update -----

    Finally some rework and review round trip completed to share things that had its design in 2015, some rework in 2016 and 2017 and just now.

    Updated zip file is to be found in --->post #7 .

    Reviewing and getting code and some doc ready for pub did not go without some enhancements and adding a few vars to the foot print.

    Event categorization with flags and handling got a significant lift to give more control to the user and application. Also the slider got a technical as well as a face lift. Some issues got resolved, such as ui elements changing unintended their values by just dragging over them.

    Input field is still a bit bare bones and kept as such... last but not least because of slowness of (communication to) most displays. Have to come up w/ some enhanced version... being a different ui element 'clazz' though to keep the simple version with small foot print.

    The general idea of publishing in this conversation is to get it out and get feedback. Over time these posts will change including the zip file uploaded in post #8 with all the code - modules, examples and cross development components (on functional changes). Old versions will be kept there as long as possible.

    After a while things will move into regular site's modules folder and into module and tutorial pages.

    Cu after reading up from ---> post #7 on.


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