• Hi!

    Trying to make a correct board definition for the nRF52840 dongle, it's working, but got hung up at the pin definitions: A couple of pins are not connected on the dongle. For example P0.03 is not connected.

    Tried two things in the board definition:
    1: create all the pins, and remove the not connected ones:

      pins = pinutils.generate_pins(0,47) # 48 General Purpose I/O Pins.
      pins.remove(pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD3", True))  # Not connected pin

    2: start with empty pin list, and only add the ones really there:

      pins = []
      pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD0", False)
      pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD1", False)
      pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD2", False)
      # 0.3 not connected pin
      pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD4", False)

    But in both cases, there is still PD3. And looks like it is even working: calling read + toggle + read toggles the value.

    Soo, is there a way to get rid of PD3?


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