• I need your help with the SSD1306 driver for the ESP8266 D1.Mini (great little device with MANY HATS that stack up)

    The issue is the text DOES show up but of course it's line up wrong. BUT more importantly and get double height when trying the same with 64x48 from WEMOS which has a wonderful kit with the OLED and Two buttons all through I2C (or SPI)

    I'm aware that I have to modify the http://www.espruino.com/modules/SSD1306.­js module and change the OLED_WIDTH and pass the valid 48 height. but I know there must be other changes.
    As you can see from the screenshot below. it's offset is off (easy to fix) but I'm wondering why the double-scan style font?

    Any help would be appreciated. and yes. I went through all the SSD1306 posts. but none were working with this new design.

    I DID get the SSD1306 drivers to work out of the box on this on the ESP8266 with 128x32 integrated OLED From TTGO and HELTEC

    function start(){
        g.drawLine(0, 30, g.getWidth(), 30);
      g.drawString("I love Lily",0,7);
    // HELTEC 128x32
    //let SCL = D5;
    //let SDA = D4;
    let SCL = D1;
    let SDA = D2;
    // I2C
    var g = require("SSD1306").connect(I2C1, start, { height : 32 });