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  • An idea which has occurred to me a few times - what about a bundle?

    You bundle an Epruino Wifi (or maybe a couple) with say 3 or 5 ESP8266 boards with Espruino installed on them.

    The pitch is that you prototype on an official board, but ultimately stick an ESP8266 into the final application. I've done this and I imagine others have too. It's cost prohibitive to lose my Espruino Wifi in say a remote control car for the kids, but it's nice to get things working on your breadboard with the Espruino Wifi.

    With a bundle you sell more official boards, and support that board but make some margin on the ESP8266 as users don't have to faff with flashing it. Makers might go for the convenience of a bundle?

    I think regardless of whether you support ESP8226/ESp32 you could make some margin off pre-installed boards? Is a £3 board worth £7, £8 or £10 with Espruino installed on it. For some users I think the answer is definitely yes.


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