• Ok, I'm back. Thanks for the posts/PRs about the CLI tools.

    Maybe a good idea would be to design next Espruino board around ESP32

    I have considered this, and it has been asked a few times, but the issue I have reading between the lines (correct me if I'm wrong here), is you're basically saying: "why don't you sell a board using ESP32 so it becomes better supported. I'm sure someone will buy it, but I already have a bunch of ESP32 that I'll use"

    I guess if you're feeling nice you might buy one Espruino board, but realistically you're going to use other people's ESP32 boards for most stuff. If you have a problem on those then you might maybe try it on the Espruino board before posting about a problem, but you'd basically be producing me £5 in profit but then asking for support on 10+ ESP32 made by someone else.

    It's what happens to a small extent now with nRF52 and STM32 and I imagine ESP32 would be very similar.

    So from my point of view I'll do a bunch of work and will sell maybe a few hundred ESP32 boards, but I'm then likely to get inundated by support requests from users of other ESP32 boards. I like ESP32 but whichever way I look at it, it just doesn't make sense to support (unless I make the 'supported' ESP32 version closed source, which I guess isn't what you want).


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