• Sat 2019.08.24

    Although I have spent a great deal of time in an attempt to resolve this rounding issue, I am currently behind on the skills and don't have the tools needed to perform a correction. I'm also waaaaaaay short on time to face the learning curve involved.

    In case I enter one of my sadistic moments to venture down a path of creating compilations,

    I've scanned


    and it appears one could perform this task on a Windows10 PC. If I'm understanding this, I need a virtual PC to run a Linux OS image. Ubuntu is used to compile the files that are written in 'C'. Ubuntu runs Python scripts that perform the compilation.

    So far, am I on the right track?

    Then what is not clear, what tools are needed to perform debugging? My background from a decade ago was VStudio pre community edition, building web services in C/C++/C#.

    Any other intuitive assistance to get a good overview would be appreciated.

  • Use WSL as @Wilberforce already recommended. Or of course you can use an Ubuntu VM. You can use VS Code with the remote WSL extensions, makes modifying files much easier...

    Just install WSL, VSCode, "Remote - WSL" extension

    • Start a new VSCode & launch WSL
    • open the terminal in VSCode
    • cd ~ (if you are not there by default)
    • git clone https://github.com/espruino/Espruino.git­
    • Press the "Open Folder" button
    • and follow the Linux instructions :)

    One rookie mistake I did: don't try to use WSL in your regular windows file system (by default you are at something like /mnt/c/something == c:\something). Clone the Espruino repo into a WSL directory, otherwise bash scripts just went crazy.

    As for debugging: AFAIK you won't be able to single step debug the Espruino code as easily as you could do from VS. There gdb, but that itself has a steep learning curve afaik.


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