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  • Tue 2019.08.13

    Too cool!!

    Congratulations on a successful project solution!

    The ingenuity of the human mind to apply ideas never ceases to amaze.

    I think this application on a 'hover' board ;-) is a first. Might want to add your solution to the Projects forum.

    re: the code snippets, my implementation probably wouldn't help here, as I imagined (incorrectly) your project to include sequencing a single Neopixel and a possible sparkle effect. If I had an idea of what might likely to be desired, I could pluck a few. . . .

    'They don't seem to provide the schematic directly'

    Thanks for the purchase site link. Was able to grab the BSS138 datasheet using Google:

    BSS138   Bi-directional level shifter for I²C-bus


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