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  • @AkosLukacs just to be on same page - I'm not saying to exchange WebIDE with VSC, just add alternative. I'm actually doing same thing - building my project in VSC + TypeScript then copy & paste generated code to WebIDE to upload and REPL. Using espruino cli would solve this, but either I'm missing something or it simply does not work.

    As for ESP32 -> I don't have experience with Bluetooth, but I have multiple boards running for months on WiFI (Arduino code) without any issues.

    As for cores - well actually frameworks like Espruino could nicely use multi-cores in background to split some processing of event loop.

    Well - in the end I guess entire discussion leads to simple question about target of the project - if it's to get people into micro-controller world as easy as possible - it's spot on. Question remains what person who wish to go deeper should do. Today I think most of the people may switch to other "more production ready" FW.


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