• Sat 2019.08.10

    Hello @user101436, while I'm not going to be able to find a solution to the issue you have, as the crypto and OAuth topics are beyond my knowledge base, I can confirm that attempting to load just the otp file on to an MDBT42Q, produces the same error.

    ={ "free": 2476, "usage": 24, "total": 2500, "history": 7,

    I don't have a Puck nor a Pixl handy, but I believe the Pixl has the same memory capacity. Would you mind posting process.memory() for others to assist please.

    I double checked with Google's Closure Compiler and there don't appear to be obvious code/string related errors.

    I saved the .min.js file to disk on Windows10 and have a file size of 25K. I was able to load a 29K file onto the MDBT board, but my file has comment blocks that are stripped prior to upload.

    Are you able to pare down that file?

    ' at line 1 col 98 ...aster/dist/otpauth.min.js","'

    Do you know if this otp module can even be loaded on to an Espruino device?
    It is quite possible that the length of that particular minified string is just too long for the receive buffer on Espruino.

    '){return"undefined"!=typeof window&&window===f?'

    Around the fifth line down scares me a bit. If this is the browser window object, this file may eventually load, but possibly not execute on an Espruino device.


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