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  • Just ask if something is not clear. The­z7U

    video and the D6 flasher was done by Aaron Christophel It really helps to make it easier for newbies. Btw as it uses slightly modified Nordic DFU library (with added DFU GUIDs used by Desay bootloader) it also works with secure bootloader used with SDK12 and up. So the same D6 flasher app can be used when e.g. switching between SDK11 based stock firmware or Espruino, SDK12 based Espruino and also SDK15 based micropython with adafruit bootloader - each using different bootloader and DFU service GUIDs.

    As for HX03W I will upload somewhere DFU package for original Lenovo firmware app so you could recover from Espruino back to original state. Well almost, there is also one flash page at 0x74000 with lenovo specific serial number which is also printed on the box. If this page gets cleared the serial changes to 1234567890 or something but it doesn't matter. In theory you could try to backup it from Espruino via Flash module before it gets overwritten if it bothers you. Or it can be recreated later according to numbers printed on the box.


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