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    Hey good morning @AkosLukacs. Quite an impressive all inclusive undertaking!

    This topic is a bit out of my league. I'm basing my comment on what I have read. Wasn't able to quickly locate the links I Had, still searching.

    I took a quick peek at the data and the results, then looked at a datasheet or two. Although I currently am unable to locate a thorough complete document, it appears the values above are less than those on the manufacturer datasheet.

    Someone please correct this should the following be in error, but aren't these devices reading and writing in blocks, or when spanning more than one block, and could that skew the data write? What about an erase or clear? Doesn't a page of blocks have to be cleared before an actual write takes place? I also remember that a write only occurs if the data bit at the write location changed, so r/w the same data doesn't change a thing and the current therefore would be much less. I don't recall if writing clears the bit or vise-versa. One requires current the other doesn't. Didn't @allObjects post on this topic a while back?

    'that's the point where a proper setup with an oscilloscope would be handy'

    It's likely that most reading this have the same desire. Car vs oscilloscope. Add to your X-Mas wish list. Mines been there for thirty years!! ;-)

    EDIT: Good Evening! (from post #2, refraining from over posting to this thread)

    'Morning? /me cooking dinner :)'

    Keep forgetting that most forum users seem to be around GMT time zone, and it is just allObjects and myself that are a quarter of the world away and behind GMT . . .

    Hey, that would make for a really great app!

  • Morning? /me cooking dinner :)

    Oh, looks like there is a misunderstanding in the write part, added this to the original post:

    Tests done:

    • append a 46 character long line to an existing file (to simulate adding a new line to a log file. This is my original use case)
    • read a 4 character file
    • read a 334 character long file

    So on the write tests the file is continuously growing.
    Did the read tests out of curiosity / for completeness's sake. Right now I don't intend to read the data with Espruino.

    The power consumption is more than likely to be lower than manufacturer's values, because there is the overhead of JS execution (reading and writing small chunks of data each time), and also it's a Pixl.JS, and that has to maintain Bluetooth connection. So I'm pretty sure not even close to real 100% duty cycle.
    Now thinking about that: probably I'm wrong about the maximum current draw, and the real max current is higher.

    (kind-of sort-of have a scope, but haven't really used it. They forked Sigrok / Pulseview, and the software support was pretty meh for a long time. I think the logic analyzer part is supported by Sigrok, but the scope part is still not supported in Sigrok. In hindsight, probably should have skipped it...)


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