• Ahhh, much better.

    What version of Espruino is running? process.env

    Now the fun begins!!

    Everything appears okay at first glance. Have you confirmed Baud Rate in WebIDE? (guess yes)
    Settings >> Communications >> Baud Rate

    I had something like this a while back, and I was never entirely sure if the IDE needed the same Baud Rate setting.

    Is it possible that Rx is not actually connected to Tx, and Tx -> Rx? e.g. pins reversed - worth a shot flipping them

    Has a loopback test connecting the Pico Tx -> Rx been tried, in order to convince yourself the Pico works on the selected Serial Port?

    Has a different Serial port been attempted? or, Software Serial?

    Are those data packets returned only during the 'data' event? e.g. or is there other interval timing code that should be present?

    Other things to try as was discovered (ref GND), different device though:



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