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  • You mean these kinds of things?­b-led-matrix/overview

    If it is those, they don't have any built-in controller so you're going to have to write code to scan each pixel out individually. With a bit of work you might be able to get it working, but personally I don't think the result is going to be that great (Espruino isn't designed for bit-bashing data out, so the scan rate won't be that fast and you're unlikely to be able to get more than 1 bit per channel = 7 colours).

    They also seem to be 'end of life' units - I don't think they're being made any more?

    If you haven't already bought one of Adafruit's modules, I'd strongly recommend that you use RGB123 or one of the chinese versions - you'll get full 24 bit colour and they're much easier to wire up and use.


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