• Tue 2019.06.11

    Hello @Allen, while I have no experience with this NRF24L01 packet radio, I do notice a possible area of contention. While your description is detailed and easily understood, to save the reader valuable time in assisting you, it would have been nice had the links to the documentation been included in your post.


    Looking at the commented sections in the source:


    reveals that C4 and C5 are assigned to _csn and _ce respectively.
    exports.connect = function(_spi, _csn, _ce, _payload)

    As I look over the Espruino Original image, C4 and C5 are ADC only.

    B0 and B1 share ADC with PWM.

    From Line #2 of the Pico code above, B14 and B13 share SPI2 with PWM only. Could it be that A0 and A1, or A5 and A6 should be used on the Pico instead?

    Perusing the source didn't reveal to me the pin type requirement for _csn and _ce, however.


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