• Nice. So another disconnected mode string is not strictly needed as switching to analog would do. Also reporting "analog" is better than previous "input" as there was no difference with input buffer connected or disconnected. It is only a bit confusing to return "analog" mode for pins which cannot do analog input on nrf5x, which is most of them :-)

    As for power draw, I guess it is ok now due to input buffer being disconnected. Unfortunately I don't have the tools to measure such low currents myself, it was reported to me by another guy who does. Anyway, I hope current 16 days of idle runtime will double or triple thanks to this :-)

    As for analog vs digital GPIO modes I searched devzone and manuals but didn't find it anywhere said in clear. I guess it is obvious for them that once analog channel is used it takes over the pin and no GPIO config applies so no previous setup is needed. The only hint I found is the picture here which shows ANAEN to enable ANAIN input and disconnect everything else.


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