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    As for automatically turning pin to disconnected mode after ADC is finished - makes sense to me. I was a bit surprised it ends in "input" mode as there is also "analog" pin mode string. Anyway, since the analog reading is just one shot it can be indeed disconnected after saadc is stopped here?

    Also I just discovered Waveform class for analog sampling and I don't see any additional code related to this - doing direct analog sampling into longer buffer in targets/nrf5x/jshardware.c. So I guess it is all platform independent and only uses this same jshPinAnalog one time analog read method periodically(?)

    As for having "disconnected" or "undefined" pin mode value - that makes sense to me too. And is not directly related to analog read. Like you mentioned it can be used also to disable SPI pins or any other digital pin then.


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