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  • Just to let you know that there is now Espruino bootloader upgrade package and SDK12 based build of Espruino for DS-D6 here.

    After you upgrade to this you can build directly from Espruino source with no patches and update in same way as with any other Espruino nrf52 board (via nrfConnect over bluetooth).

    So if you just want to try Espruino and decide if it is any good the SDK11 based build is easier to flash and good enough. If you want all the features (I know only about secure connections currently not working in SDK11 build) and make your own builds easily then get this.

    To get there you need to first update Desay bootloader, then flash espruino bootloader with soft device and then flash espruino DFU zip.

    There is also recovery package to go back to Desay bootloader and older SDK/SoftDevice.


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