• Kind of off-topic, but I'm curious about other opinions about various hardware oriented tutorial / blog-ish sites. The question partially triggered by Gordon's Espruino project write up announcement.
    My thoughts just browsing content on the sites:
    Instructables: no visible post date, but you can read the entire thing without registering or signing up. At first glance it's only for completed projects. Clean layout.
    Hackaday IO: The UI is not so clean, but I kind of like it. Other than the black theme (I know, I'm a freak :) )
    Hackster IO: Insists on signing up to read content freely created by other people. Ofc, I can open in a private window, but that means if I find something interesting, it's not in my history. And smells like Medium...

    Your thoughts? Do you know any other worth mentioning? Editing experience?


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