• Thanks Robin and Gordon for your time, I got a fair whack of work and jury duty on top currently so my testing is delayed a bit but ill be trying over next day for sure.

    You have just reminded me, when I was testing the ESP8266, it was on its own, i am running it through a separate 3.3V supply and not the USB serial converter 3.3, but the power supply itself is powered off USB, should be plenty of power.
    I did not find out what the 3.3V power supply pins are capable of providing from the RAK yet so I didnt use them to power the ESP yet, but it is the plan to use the RAK 3.3 supply I hope.

    Currently there is no ground from the RAK to the breadboard where the buttons for flash and reset and all the connections from the ESP are, but I did test it out just now and it did not change anything unfortunately.

    What I may do for a test tomorrow when I get more time is to try power the whole ESP from the RAK, which will then have the common ground with the RAK too.

    Also the loopback test, I swear I have done it successfully, but ill have to retest. Hard to remember after a few hours banging head against the wall with this issue hehe

    I did swap the TX/RX pins but i do not appear to have much success with that, in fact the reset button immediately decides to not work on the ESP8266. Normally the lights go mad for a second when you reset it, but nothing after I swap the TX/RX pins.

    I'll report back next testing session.
    Appreciate your time.


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