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  • @AkosLukacs if you get something working don't hesitate to share :-)

    BTW I have display on HX03W sort of working. Still don't have pixels where I would expect them but mostly it works. Looks like it is SH1106 and same GPIOs are used for SPI,D/C,RST as with DS-D6, however there is some additional usage of D16 pin to provide more power(?). It needs to be configured as output and set to low for the OLED to have full brightness, otherwise it somehow works but gets very dim once I set contrast >15 (out of 255) or put more white pixels on screen. I did not take it apart so I have decompiled bootloader to see display initialization code. They do expected things with SPI,D/C,RST pins however they also pulse D16 high and low with some specific delay (50ms) at initialization time and then keep it low. Not sure why there is such timing but definitely there is no full brightness if D16 pin is not kept low.


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