• Sun 2019.06.02

    Hello user @user, I know you wanted to be addressed that way ;-)

    It appears you have done exhausted cross testing as your explanation shows. Sometimes we stare at the same setup for so long, the obvious gets overlooked. It doesn't hurt to re-verify.

    I don't have experience with RAK nor a definitive solution, but do have a few ideas to try.

    I've read in other forums the ESP-01 can be problematic. Most usually have success with ESP-12 or -E versions.

    Has the baud rate of IDE been verified?    WebIDE >> Settings >> Communications >> Baud Rate

    Has a slower baud rate been attempted?

    Are you attempting the Loopback test?


    When connected to the RAK does Tx -> Rx

    Are/have you able to isolate testing each side using loopback on each to see if it is actually a baud issue?

    'I only get the output back from the ESP8266 once I perform a reset on the ESP8266'

    ref: http://www.espruino.com/Troubleshooting#­line=61

    Please read pp. half way down page starting with "When you are not connected to a computer via USB, Espruino automatically moves the console"
    "Note: Serial ports are not generally as fast as USB - 9600 baud is only around 1000 characters/second."

    This might be occurring and/or a change in baud rate when switching between the two.

    I've had issues that I never fully understood, as the two do overlap at times. Forcing the state will usually fix the issue.

    As your explanation seems exhaustive, until an individual with actual same RAK ESP-01 hardware experience can assist, it doesn't hurt to take another peek.


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