• ...not exactly w/ include... except you build the firmware.

    But you can have C source embedded in your javaSCRIPT code that you upload from the Espruino IDE. The IDE detects that you have (C) code that you want to have compiled, and it will do so upfront and wrap it into some javaSCRIPT wrapper so you can invoke it from your javaSCRIPT application code...

    See the code example in conversation about Efficiently moving things around in zig-zag Graphics buffer visualized w/ 24/32 bpp displays / neopixel strings that uses inline C compiled to to some memory manipulations in a much speedier way as javaSCRIPT ever can do. The inline C code is specified in post @2 in lines 79..106. You can use all that C can do, but you cannot pull any libs or give other directives. Something like that needs a different compilation service environment and feed from the client as setup right now. (May be this is an extension you want to spearhead?)


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